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 Quick Overview – Friday November 1, 7pm Show Time

The Carnegie Centre Theatre – main floor for

“Heart of the City Festival.”

“Stand Up For Mental Health.”

Merlin is on around 8:30 or 9pm. 

Admission is Free so you may want to come early.


 Saturday November 23 @9pm Lana Lous 362 Powell St. 

Merlin will be performing as part of the official audio release event of Theramin Musician Stephen Hamm.


Special Musical Guests 

 Phuture Memoriez will open the show. Ex members of Jerk In The Can, they have just
released their first record and twelve videos.


 A set of Hilarious Magic by Merlin.


 A set of new music from Stephen Hamm on his Theramin with computer and pedals.


 Merlin & Stephen will perform together as Stephen plays Theramin for Merlin’s Silent Magic.


Don’t Miss it!



$12 Advance


$15 Door

 Tickets: https://merlincosmos.wellattended.com/events/theramin-magic



  What the World Needs Now ...

 Is Love Sweet Love according to the lyrics of the song by the late lyricist Hal David.

I agree but I think it needs more laughter.  Which is why I hope you’ll join us on the last weekend of July for a night of laughter, music and magic. Something you don’t often see in clubs these days. 

While he is completely opposite the style of any of the performers on the show no one ever made me laugh harder than Don Rickles.

Yes I saw George Carlin live. Loved him. Richard Pryor was brilliant in so many ways.


 Don Rickles was the great equalizer. After mowing down everyone with his comedic diatribe this angry little man made us Love him because we were all just hockey pucks. Including him. What a liberating gestalt.

 What the World Needs Now is Don Rickles!

 See you at Lana Lous it will be a great show! 







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